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Voices in Our Blood: America's Best on the Civil Rights Movement
Jon Meacham
Shelby Foote: A Writer's Life
C. Stuart Chapman
Mindfulness and Acceptance: Expanding the Cognitive-Behavioral Tradition
Steven C. Hayes, Victoria M. Follette, Marsha M. Linehan
Washington: A Life
Ron Chernow
Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia
Michael Korda
The 13th Sign
Kristin O'Donnell Tubb

The Gay and Lesbian Self-esteem Book: A Guide to Loving Yourself

Gay & Lesbian Self-Esteem Book - Kimeron N. Hardin There is so much to learn learn and think about thanks to this book. It seems an ever growing number of patients are struggling with recovering not only from addiction, but the confusion and pain they experienced as part of learning who they are, and how to express that in their world. While we all go through this to some degree, it is frightening to think about having to come to terms with what so many in the world condemn out of hand - being homosexual. I think this book will provide help not only to gay folks, but also to those involved in helping them through their struggle.