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Voices in Our Blood: America's Best on the Civil Rights Movement
Jon Meacham
Shelby Foote: A Writer's Life
C. Stuart Chapman
Mindfulness and Acceptance: Expanding the Cognitive-Behavioral Tradition
Steven C. Hayes, Victoria M. Follette, Marsha M. Linehan
Washington: A Life
Ron Chernow
Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia
Michael Korda
The 13th Sign
Kristin O'Donnell Tubb

The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times

The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times - Jennifer Worth As a man my experience with birth is limited to say the least. I have participated to the extent any father can in the births of all three of my children, but still was only an observer. Call the Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times by Jennifer Worth is a new perspective for the casual observer, enhancing the meaning, significance and understanding of the birth of our children.For the adolescent male mind, a part of every man regardless of his age, birth combines mystery, naughty bits, gross stuff, and joyful tears that leave us confused and often incapable of expressing the emotions that each aspect create. We don’t know whether to say cool, or gross, or to simply claim that allergies are behind our glistening eyes. Should we cowboy up, or do our best Mike Farrell impersonation? Mrs. Worth uses clear, concise, and stark medical terminology to describe the rape and sexual abuse that created some of the babies she delivered, and in doing so makes the horror all forms of sexual abuse more tangible and disgusting. This is balanced against the steadfast love between many of the husbands and wives she serves, the nuns and midwives who live with them, and most importantly the love God has for mankind.There were a couple of surprises for me in reading Mrs. Worth’s tale. I didn't realize that even as late as the 1950’s indoor plumbing was not available to many East End Londoners, or the magnitude of the impact German bombing had on housing. The final surprise was the final delivery Mrs. Worth narrates, which was her faith in God. Even in the midst of the poverty, cruelty, injustice that so often reeked havoc in the lives of those she worked with, Mrs. Worth found love. And where there is love, there too is God.